Thursday, September 29, 2011

Purpose of My Blog

The purpose of my blog is to create a place where educators can seek information, hints, tips, tricks, advice, and just plain collaboration with other educators on integrating technology in their classroom. I will share my knowledge as well as the collective knowledge and enthusiasm of others throughout this blog in hopes that our classrooms will become models for teachers. The ultimate goal is to improve the implementation of techno-strategies to enhance teaching and learning in our classrooms.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BP_1 Welcome to my Blog

From Pittsburgh to Savannah

Downtown Pittsburgh
How did a Northern boy from Pittsburgh, PA wind up becoming a Southern Gentlemen in Savannah, GA? After spending a few winters in Western Pennsylvania one might say it was the cold damp weather. Others who have walked the Oak engulfed garden-like streets of Savannah would say it was the beautiful charm of Savannah. For me it was both.

I began my career in education after finishing 21 years in my first career as an United States Marine. I retired as a Major in 1995 and began my teaching career here in Savannah after being certified in middle grades education at Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU). I taught social studies, math and reading in elementary and middle school in Savannah-Chatham County. In my second year of teaching my principal assigned me to the computer business lab and established me as the school’s technology coordinator. That’s when I was bitten and it all started.

I began instructing teachers and students alike in the use of technology to enhance instruction and assignments. My reputation and results of working with students and teachers in technology earned me a position as the first certified teacher to become a member of the Chatham County’s Instructional Technology Team.

Feeding on my enthusiasm for teaching teachers technology I was later selected to be a member of the Educational Technology Training Center at Armstrong Atlantic State University where I taught the State's certification program in Integrating Technology.  After a time with the training center I returned to Savannah-Chatham County’s school district as the Director of Instructional Technology. After being there a few years I once again returned as a member of the Educational Technology Training Center at AASU as the Lead Instructional Technology Specialist. 
Forsyth Park Fountain

Educationally, I have a B.S. degree in General Engineering from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, as I mentioned, a teaching certificate in middle grades education from Armstrong Atlantic State University, a M.Ed. in Technology in Education from Lesley University, Cambridge, and currently pursuing a M.S. in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University in Orlando. A life-long learner...I believe I am.

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