Saturday, May 26, 2012

Comment #2 on: Golda Lawson-Cohen Week 4 Reading Entry

Wk4 reading: Art of Possibility – The WE Story

Telling the WE story has me reflecting on my marriage. We have been together for 15+ years. Part of our success is the ability to communicate. We talk about everything including small talk. Topics will vary and sometimes we will argue. Even though we may argue about things, we tend to in the end come up with the possibility of agreeing to disagree. It is because of this philosophy, we find that we cannot stay angry at one another. Agreeing to disagree allows for mutual respect. It is this mutual respect that gives us our inner strength within our relationship. Another thing that made us stronger is that we were friends first and later to become best friends. Best friends do everything together and support one another in their endeavors. I truly believe that I would not have reached my goal of obtaining a second Masters degree if we did not go through it together. It was the support network that we had that enabled me to achieve this goal. Now we will go through the process of working toward me gaining employment once my goal of this degree is obtained.

My Comment

Golda, thank you for your personal reflection in telling the WE Story. Your daily striving for a continued successful marriage is wonderful. You are right on target about communication. You have apparently mastered what many only dream to do even once and that is “agree to disagree”. It’s hard to turn it off and stifle that calculating self when agreeing is not the thing we desire to do. You mentioned support; trust me we all needed that to get through this last year. Like you most of us got it from our spouses and friends but we also got it from each other. Remember back to our early days on the beach in Second Life now we are both faced with a new second life. Good luck in your search and remember you have all the skills and knowledge you need to make a mark on this world.

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