Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 1 Leadership Post: To Publish or To Present


I have presented at many local, regional, and one national conference over the past seven years and consider it the most effective way to deliver information and generate discussion amongst a community of common stakeholders. I have decided to prepare a presentation to present the results of my Action Research project to be delivered at a conference.


  1. I will be creating a presentation to present at a conference as well. I have never spoken at a conference before, but in my workplace I do a lot of presenting. For me as well I find that a presentation is the best way to generate a discussion with people who are interested in my topic. It’s great that you have already had experience with putting something like this together. I just might be e-mailing you for help.

  2. I would be glad to help you Katie. Since you have presented at your workplace, you will find that it is not much different. Think like a participant. What do you want to hear and how would you like it presented if you were sitting in the audience in your breakout session?

  3. Wonderful decision, I look forward to see your intended destination and presentation file.